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Top 5 Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2020 (iOS Launchers)

Most of the People Love to Customizehtore their Mobile interface with New Look and As well as The New OS Feel. When you Wants to change the Look of the Andriod Mobile then Obviously will go for the Lunchers where you can Get the Completely New And Customizable Interface which you can Fell Awesome on the Android Mobile.


When you start Using the iPhone Lunchers then you will be Find the Difference in the Look of your Phone Which you are Using your iPhone. Not Only the Look of Your Andriod Mobile You can Also Play The iPhone Apps and Games on Andriod. 


You will be Able Get Surprise after Installed these iPhone Lunchers on your Andriod by Simply Follow the Below Iphone Lunchers on Andriod. So Today, I will be Going to Tell you the Top 6 Best iPhone Launchers For Android Which you will Defiantly Love after using it on your Andriod Mobile.


Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018:


Just Follow the Below iPhone Lunchers to make a Change o your Andriod Mobile


1. One Launcher:

This is the best and Top iPhone Launcher For Andriod with Best Features within the App itself. Yiu will get the Best Icons, iOS transition effects, icon packs, and few system icons too which get the Iphone Fell on your Android Phone. When you Clik the Lunch button you will see the Effect which it will open with the iPhones.



One Launcher screenshot



There are the Icons which will be Perfectly set it on a Good Manner and you will be definitely will have to access the beautiful iphone Icons on Andriod. Most of the interesting part of this Launchers is the Clean and The Best Design itself. once you Started using this Launcher on android you will definitely feel the iPhone Experience because of its interface and Beautiful looks.


There is little Downfall about this app that is which little thing such as you can Turn off the Unread Count and News land. That’s it without these there no major thing to say down. Now you can Enjoy the Iphone Experience on Andriod By using this One Launcher on your Andriod Mobile.


 Download One Launcher for Andriod


2. Espier Launcher:

Espier Launcher will be on the List when we talked about the iphone Lunchers for Andriod Because there are such features with this launcher which you will be able to get into the iphone world on Android itself. When we talk about the Home Screen change then this Launcher will be doing The Best Wok as it can. It will Change the Look of your Android Home Screen and Replaces with the Brand New iPhone Look.


The best part of this Launcher is that there are no limitations when it comes to the Widgets which makes more attraction to the Andriod Mobile and it will not be going to make youAndroidod Mobile Slowe. Even If you installed all the Features which this Luncgaer Offering also you can Simply use the Mobile with Perfect Speed Like How You are Using Before.


There are two Types of iphone Looks which is i6 and i7, which you will be Fell the New Iphone Looks. Especially When you Talk about the i7 its Completely Brand New Look of Latest iPhone WHich Looks Amazed. There are the Customizable Icons which you can Simply set and make the Size of the Icon that you like and you will have to make the iphone Looks which you can Make your Android Brand New iPhone.


Download Espier Launcher For Android


3. iLauncher:

AS the AboveLunchers this also has the Best And most interesting Customization Available On this which you will be Impress on the term of Iphone Looks. Ther is A Dock Less Experience where you can Simply Switch your android to Iphone which means the Look of your Android Mobile is Always get the New which you need to Feel awesome which Using the Iphone. It will take Your Home Screen with the New iPhone.



iLauncher screenshot



You ca Simply Download this Launcher fromThe Google PlayStore which is Coming with the Best User Interface.  You will get  Transition effects, gestures with some Limitations on the Free Version and it’s Enough to use get the iPhones Look on the Andriod. There are Also Have Better Customizable Fetyresw which you will be Fell More n more Interesting when it comes to the Look and the Interface.


The Google Integration is also Very Interesting Thing when it Comes to the Acces the Mobile with The Speech its Com0letly works Like Siri on iPhone. Once you have to Go for the Premium Version Of this App you will get the More Features.


There is also have an Option Which you can Simply Customize the Icons WHich you make it large and You Can also move the icons one Place to another which will be Very Conviniate for the All Kinds Of Users. Also, has the Feature which you can Rename the Folder with the Name that you like.


Download iLauncher for Android



4. iLauncher For OS 10:

This launcher is a Simple And Looks Pretty iPhone Launcher on your Android Mobile. There is an option which you Can Replace the Most Of the iCons on your Andriod Mobile. There are no Much More Features with this Launcher But you can make an Andriod Mobile which Looks an iphone.


The Best part Of this App is that There is Unread badge is there which is Very Nice to have on Mobile. You can Modify Anything by this Launcher but you can Simple Mae some Changes When it comes to the iPhone Look on Andriod.


iLauncher For OS 10 screenshot



There is Some Download side of this Launcher os that the Full-Screen Ads which is not Pretty Much Interesting when it Comes to the use the Mobuke without Disturb of Anything. If the Developers could Add Some best Features then This app is Could Done Better.


Download iLauncher For OS 10 For Andriod




5: OS 10 Launcher:

The Best Part of this Launcher is that you can Customize it In the way that you want. There is the Feature which you can Simply Modify the System Apps with the iphone Apps icons. This launcher will Replace the All the Icons Including the third party App icons too.


OS 10 Launcher sreenshot


You can Also make the Transition of the Home Screen with Different Styles as the Way you want. You can Also adjust the Apps horizontal a vertical which you can Make your apps transition very Interesting. You can Also Make your icons more attracting such as Rename the icon Size, Icon Name, and other aspects.


Download OS 10 Launcher for Andriod




These are all the Best And Top Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2018. As is Said above you can Do Some Changes such as Wallpapers, Icons names, Colours, and The Sizes and the Transitions of your Andriod with the New iPhone’s transition. You cannot Expect more from these Lunchers which is not Going to Happen For all the Time.



There are Also many Other Apps such as iOS 9, iOS 10 launchers for Android which Helps to change the User interface and the Wallpapers. You simply Download the Apps and Apk On your Andriod Mobile And Use them if you Find Any Problems and Feeling Good with these Lunchers just Di let us Know By the Comment section Below.



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