iPhone Won't Charge

How to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge? Best Solutions to Solve.

In this Article, I will be going to explain about your Problem, iPhone Won’t Charge? Basically, we all Charge our Mobile when we don’t have Charing on our Mobile which Means We will charge your iPhone when it has the low battery. now will we put charger int the Slot but iPhone won’t Charge?


The reason behind it is may have many problems such as The Charger Cable might not work, Mobile Slot is full of Dirt, or it could be Any software Problem. So Now I will be going to tell you Why your iPhone is not Charging and How to Solve this issue.


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How to Fix When iPhone Won’t Charge?


iPhone Won't Charge


1. Hard Reset Your iPhone:

The first thing you have to do when your iPhone won’t Charge is that you need to Hard Reset your iPhone. So that you can be able to charge your iPhone. before Jumping into How to reset an iPhone you should remember some things so you will able to save from any software issues such as you need to check any software Manipulation and is there any your personal data in it that you won’t lose.


Now, This below Steps that will be going to learn how to reset an iPhone.


Step 1: 

Press and Hold the Power button and the Volume Down button together.

Step 2: 

If won’t work, You can try by Pressing and Holding Home Button and Volume Button together.

Step 3:

You have to hold the both buttons till you can see the Apple Logo on your iPhone Screen.

Step 4:

Once you have reset Your iPhone, Now you have to try to Charge again by connecting the charger cable.

Step 5:

Even, Now your iPhone won’t Charge try the Below Steps.


2. Check Your Lightning Cable for Any Damage:

Now you need to Check your cable that has any Damage in any Sides by Checking very closely. If you feel alright then Just plugin it on your iPhone. Still, your iPhone Won’t Charge then you need to replace your iPhone charger cable with the New Cable.


iPhone Won't Charge


But you have not find Any Damage lighting cable and you do not feel to buy new one then you also do one thing that you can take the cable from your Friends or Family member if they Have, and try to connect with that Cable, now its Charging then its a problem about you lighting Cable, but If it is wont Work then you need to purchase the new Cable.


3.  Try to Clean the Charging Port:

Now if the above is not your Problems then you have to try this Becuase many iphone are have this issue. From the time of An iphone we have Purchased, we won’t focus on the Charging Port. Just we out the Charging and in the same we will take out from it but we won’t clean that port.



iPhone Won't Charge


So when it is full of dirt your iPhone Won’t Charge. So you need clean the port now and take out all the Dirt it has. You might think it’s not important but in Previous iPhone 5 and 4, there are many cases where there that iPhone won’t charge because of the charging Port was not Cleaned.


4.  Put your iPhone into DFU Mode and Restore:

Even your iphone Won’t Charge then you have to try this Method that Restores your iPhone by putting into DFU Mode.


iPhone Won't Charge


Step 1:

First, You have to Plug your iphone into the Computer and you need to Open iTunes.

Step 2:

Now Press the Home button and Power button together for 7-8 Seconds.

Step 3:

After 8 Seconds you just Release the Power Button but Keep Holding the Home Button.

Step 4:

Noe you will able to see iTunes will show that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 5:

Now Just Go the Home button and it will show completely black Screen on your iPhone which Means DFU Mode is Activated on your iPhone.

Step 6:

From here You will be easily Restore your iPhone.

Step 7: You are Done.


5. Call to the iPhone Store:

Once you have tried all the above methods and still your iPhone Won’t Charge then it’s time to call to the iPhone Store so that they can Identify why your iPhone won’t charging and they will repair your phone.


girl calling on phone



This is the Guide that Your iPhone won’t Charge. We hope you got the Information that you want If still have any doubts do let me know by the comment section Below.




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