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Kronos Login: Kronos Workforce Timekeeper is a Soft that which can be used to track the employee’s timings and Plans for the Companies. It is a very good and well-used software which is using by the most if the companies and also the Employees have also a choice to log in from the Home and Work Place.


Now When it comes to the Kronos Login there are the Multiple ways to Login for individual employees and For companies as well for sure.


So Before Kronos employee login First Lets discuss installation about Kronos workforce login. Installation of Kronos is different from company to company all they have the different way of installation when it comes to the employee’s management and all. Some of the companies allow the employees to log in from the Home, Smartphones, and their Tablet for login time and Revere about the Timings.


Before Kronos employee login from your Home you should verify that the companies are allowing the User to log in from the Home or not, this is the Thing that you need to find out ide sure because when the company is not allowed to log in from the home then there is no point that you will try to login form the home, you even won’t get the Kronos login page For sure. So make an Enquiry for Is your company allows you to log in from the Home or Off Location from your Office.


But when your company is allowing you to Kronos workforce login from your Home then that you can easily from the different devices like computer tablet and Smartphone.


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Kronos Login Using Computer:


kronos employee login



Now first let see How you can Kronos login from home Using your Computer actually it is very easy and simple way to log in that has been doing from most of the employees and they have all find it is one of the easiest ways that they have found.


  • First, You have to Open your Browser from your Computer and Enter your company’s Workforce Timekeeper URL. If you keep login from your Ofice then the same address that you have to enter from your Home as well.


  •  Now you will able see the Kronos login page which you have to Enter your username and Password in the Provided Fileds.


  • Click on the Log On Button which is located Below of those fields.


  • If there is any Requirement of the Java Plugin on the login screen then you have to Install it because hen you try to log in for the first time on your computer then this is one if the Must and the compulsory thing that you can do when you use the Java-based application. But if you are using the simple basic, or HTML, application, then there is no requirement of Java application at all.



Kronos Login On Tablet:


  • First, you have to download Workforce Tablet for iPad from the iTunes like you have a download for iPhone like above.


  • Now Open the App from your Tablet which you have downloaded and installed.


  • Enter the Kronos UserName and Password that has been Provided by your Company.


  • Once you have finished entering the USername and Password then Simply Click on the Log On Button below of the Username and password fields.



Kronos Login on your Smartphone:


  • First, you have to Download the Workforce Mobile application on your Smartphone. There are the Sources  Kronos, or from iTunes, BlackBerry World, Google Play or the Nokia store where you can download and install. its all depend on the Different Platforms for iPhones download from iTunes, for Android on Google play store and so on.


  • Once you have finished download and installation then simply Open your App by Clicking on the App icon from your Smartphones.


  • Now you have to Enter your User Name and Password that has given by the company, as you have entered on the browser Website link server of the Kronos.


  • Finally, Click on the “Log On” Button to Get into the Kronos.



This is the way that you can easily Be Done your “Kronos employee login” Now I hope that you have successfully Learned Kronos Login. Still, if you have any doubts regarding the Kronos then do let me know in the comment section below.


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