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Location Services iPhone | How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPhone ?

Location Services iPhone: This is the technology which helps to track the location on your iPhone also it helps in anyway when your location is turned on. So most of the people don’t want to track every movement of yours. The best way to get rid of this is just turning off the location on your iPhone.


So here is the Guide where you can learn How to Turn off the Location Services on your iPhone. This will apply from the iOS 8.1 to the latest iOS Version. Just follow the below Guide where you can simply learn without any issues.



Location Services iPhone:

  • Unlock your iPhone and Goto the settings app App.
  • Now you wil see the Settings and the other option on the list. Including privacy.
  • Click on the Privacy then Location Service.
  • You can simply Turn of the location here by tapping on the green icon on the top right of the screen.
  • After you have clicked on the icon you will see a popup with a warning message that says your location service will be Turn off for all the apps.
  • When you see the White from the Green then the Location is actually stoped.
  • But if you want to turn off for only specific apps individually then you will see the list of the apps in the Location page where you can easily turn off for the app that you wants to off.
  • Here is also the toggle switches from the Green to white then it’s off.



location services iphone



Location Services iPhone Implications and App Functionality:

You have to remember one thing is that when you Turn off the Location there will be lots of effect on the Apps. Because there are are some apps where you can easily find that uses the location on a daily basis. For example, the apps which use the  GPS and location will have to have the Location to Provides you the Best Service. Also, there are apps like food delivery apps which must require the Location for sure.


So When you see the list of the Apps then you will know it which apps have required the location and which are not. The apps like Maps and other delivery apps will have the Location.


You can also Reenable those apps by simply Tapping on the Toggle. When it turns from the White to Green then it’s On. This will simply happen by tapping on the App.


People who are Trying to Turning Off the Location on your iPhone then simply Follow the Guide above and I Hope you have got all the Points that we have discussed.


Use iPhone Setting Location Services:

The Location services from our iPhone data which is the combined from the Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, and Bluetooth connections to pinpoint your phone’s geographic location. The location is usefully for the above discuss apps and it is also very important where you can track the location and finding the location for the iPhone. When you turn on the Location on your iPhone then simply you will be able to locate your current Location.

Social media apps and camera apps will locate your Current Location and the Mapping apps can center your Location. you can easily Turn On and Turn Off the location as we have discussed in the above step.


  • First, open Settings app from your iPhone and then tap on the Privacy.
  • Now you will see the Location services in the Top of the list.
  • Simply tap on that to Turn off and Turn On the location services.
  • You will also have the list of the apps where you can Turn it on and Off by Individual app.
  • Now simply Scroll down and change the Setting by taping on that app.
  • To start changing the permissions for iOS system activities, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap System Services.
  • Finally, if you want to switch off the Service location just click on the app to off and it just comes from the green to White.


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