Music without wifi Apps | Download Top 13 apps For Android and iPhone 2019

Music without wifi app: Hello, guys, We all love Music right? if we are upset or when you do not feel good. In that case, the music will change your mood.


Especially These Days many People Listen to the Music On their Smart Phones Either it Android or iPhone But they all love to Listen to Music on mobile itself. Many of them need ” Music Apps Without wifi “. 


Even if you have tired by searching the best Music apps then its Enough because I have Explained Complete Apps that have the Best In the performance and the Free as well inters of Giving the Best Service for the Reasonable. So just follow the Below apps and download the best one that you want to use it on your Device.


Music without wifi Apps:

So If You have Music In your Home then ok but when you go to outdoor than, I mean is if we got out for the picnic or any type of tour at the time if there is no wifi or the internet. Which means once you have made your tracks offline it’s pretty much easy to play all the Music songs without internet Like you will find all types of Music apps in the Below.


No need to worry, To solve this problem I have came up with some best mobile music app which supports without wifi and the internet and music apps that don’t need wifi or data to play and enjoy the music. you can enjoy the music everywhere and anywhere.


Note: You have to Download the Music into offline then only you will able to Listen to the Music. So It’s better to Keep your Favorite tracks and Download them into Your Mobile.



Enjoy these Music Apps without wifi which you Can Listen to the Unlimited Music on your Smart Mobile such as Andriod and iOS.



 How to Listen to Music Without Wifi App:

Download the Music Apps are Just Simply All the Apps that I Have Listed on Google Play Store and iTunes You can Simply Download them as How you Download rest Of the Apps. You might get the doubts that is it possible to listen to music with wifi or internet?


Yes, You can Listen but remember when you have Data or Wi-fi you just have to make the music tracks you like into Offline. so later you can simply listen then once you have downloaded in Offline this is the best solution and also the only Solution. Now get into the Details.


Still, If You Find How to Download them Then It’s Simple to follow this Below Steps. it’s just a simple process that’s How you download the other apps and games on your mobile. Installation of the Apps is very simple but if you are new to the technology world then the Problem may accrue then this guide will help you to install the apps and start using them.


  1. Click the Download Links which I have Given to the below of all the Apps.
  2. Then it will redirect to the Google Play store (for Android) iTunes (For iOS).
  3. Now Simply Click on the Install Button.
  4. Then follow the instructions of the Installation such as Allowing the Permissions and So on.


The below Apps are the Music Without Wifi Apps and you will get Lots of Free Songs Lets Begins. You can only listen to music without wifi when you will make your music tracks into offline that will be the most and the only way to listen to music even when there no internet.




music without wifi



Music apps without wifi List:

The Below Music apps are the Best Apps when it comes to the Giving the Best that they can do and Also you can easily Play the Music Offline when there is No Internet Connection on your Mobile. Just Find out the Music apps list and Go for the App that you love Most. As a Priority, I have Listed them in a Better list which means the first App will have the better then the second and it goes on.


As I said you can make the Music Download when you are available to the Internet. Once you have downloaded then enjoy this Music without wifi. So first learn how to download the music and make them offline. Check the below for Full information about that particular Apps.


1. Google Play Music:

This is one of the best apps which supports Android and iOS even you can access on your computer as well. in most of the android devices, this app will come by default So You no need to install on Some devices. If it’s Not them you can Easily Download from the Below link that I have Given.


You can store up to 50,000 songs into your music collection. This app Has Access to 30 million over songs. It starts Instantly radio and you can browse songs by Genre, Albums,  artist, decade and mood.


Google play music app



Listen to over 50000 songs for free in you both Android and iOS device.

If you want to access more songs than you have to subscribe to it. or you can signup with low price to 6 members.


This is the best app with smart categories songs and music apps without wifi.


2. Shazam music:

Shazam is one of the most popular and music without wifi Apps used by millions of people. There is one tap to access the app for listening to music by the artist there are lots of songs are available for free. The interface of Shazam you will like for sure and it’s pretty interesting with having the specialized songs categorized.


You can sort the songs by artists or just choose the artist name and you will see the list of best songs of the particular artist and also if you want then you can also browse the songs by albums, Artist, and Playlists.



Shazam music app downalod



This is one of the top apps for listening best songs your Android device and your iOS device too.

Top artists like Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Demi Lovato, are using the Shazam music app to find music to enjoy the music world.


The best feature of  Shazam:

  • Identify music with one tap
  • log in to Access all your music list
  • Access your favorite music even when you’re not connected to the wifi or the internet.
  • Here the smart feature is that you can Sing along to the songs with real-time music lyrics.
  • Follow your favorite artists to see what their best music.
  •  Launch Pandora radio based on artists you Shazam


3. Slacker Radio:

Slacker is also another best music apps without wifi. this is an app run without wifi and internet connection. This app works in live streaming also. You can listen to your favorite music with a beautiful music list.


There are lots of music available with all popular albums and best genre categories list. When you are on the inside of you will feel the music world is in front of you which most of the People are waiting to Enjoy the real Music.


Slacker is offering lots of various album like holiday, party, classic and more different type of music collection. You can download that music to your device directly. there are weekly best free programs is also there to collect you all favorite music collection and this is the music without wifi app as our content title.



Slacker Radio music app



  • Free access to the music which you like
  • Hundreds of best music stations available for free apps to listen to music offline
  • Popular music demonstrates each week
  • you can share your custom music stations
  • On-request access to a huge number of tunes with membership
  • Offline playback on portable accessible with membership




4. Groove (Microsoft):

Groove music also one of the best music app for Android and iOS too. this app got a huge number of downloads and subscribers and this is the best music apps without wifi.


You can add the music to one drive and play the music wherever and whenever you want. this app has lots of different type of playlists and favorite music stations.


Groove music app


You can play music as your favorite artist and best artists radio stations also available. listen to music from Xbox, and your device(Android, iOS). tablet and the web which is another best feature from a groove.



5. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is the Music Apps without wifi that you can listen up to a huge number of song. the is one of the best apps with a big number of songs and this app has 135 millions of tracks with different kinds of music like Rock, hip-hop, electronic, podcasts, and more audiobooks.



SoundCloud free music download



Some other best features from SoundCloud:

  • Find the new and trending music in one single Button click.
  • Save music to your collection and get suggested tracks based on your likes that you listen to your favorites.
  • Interact with your favorite artists through comments which is available over there.
  • Make a playlist that you can listen to various places like at workouts, on the way to work.



6. iHeart Radio:

As all, we Know iHeart Radio Is one of the Most Popular Online Streaming Application which you can Download for Android and iPhone Platform. This App will give you to access the 800 radio station Which is Hosted in United States region.


The User also can Create The Music List on his own Custom Station based on the Artist and songs. By creating this You will able to enjoy your favorite music station Instantly without wasting the Time.


iHeart Radio music apps that don't need wifi to listen to music



There are Millions of Songs available on iHeart Radio to Listen to the music without wifi and data. This will happens when you started to make those all Online Music to Offline Music. iHeart Radio is also Have 1000+ Live streaming station to enjoy the live and new Music within the app itself.


There are daily wise songs been added to this app to experience the New Music on Android and iPhone.


Best Features From iHeart Radio:

  • iHeart Radio has Unlimited Music to listen to the Best music
  • Thousands of radio stations available over the Globe
  • Listen to the Sports radio Also Like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports, and Many other Sports Stations.
  • Stream your Favourite Personalist Podcasts.
  • You can also Create your personal Music Station Based on your favorite Artist or Album.



7. Deezer – Songs & Music Player:


Deezer music app for free music downloader


This is the app that you can listen to the instant music which you will able to listen to offline music. Deezer is the app that available the Unlimited never-ending music of your favorite artist, album, and the Radio Stations with the best music support from this app.


By using this offline music app you will listen to the music offline and even there is no internet and wifi connection. There are best artists on this app you can easily follow them to listen to their newly released songs and you will get the updates from Deezer.


The best part of this app is you can create your playlists and add the songs on it of your favorite artist and songs to find the music easily that you like most. By using this app you can easily save the mobile data instead of using the data you can save the music offline when you have connected to the wifi network.



8. Napster:


napster app for offline music


Napster offers the best radio stations to stream the music without getting any disturbance of ads on your smartphone. There is a high Quality and best music you will get on this app and there is also a feature that the kids can listen to the songs by using the kid’s feature.


This app will support all kinds of devices that you love to listen to the songs tracks and you can listen to music without wifi and internet by Offline music. There is also the feature that to find the songs by filtering the music my favorite artist and album which means the interface of the app is pretty easy to use and look awesome.


This app has over 40 millions of songs and it will also suggest the music that you like on your Taste.



9. SongFlip:


SongFlip music app



The best Free streaming music app that you can able to listen to that music offline. There are millions of songs that you can listen to the music online and if you want to listen to to the music offline then you need to make the music offline when you are connected to the wifi to save the mobile data charges.


Once you download the music then you can simply listen to music anytime and every time even there is no internet and wifi connection. You can also listen to the songs by your favorite artist, songs, and an album.


The interface of this app is just awesome which means you will able to browse the music by genres like Hip-hop, Mixtapes, EDM, and country. The best part of this app is that you create your playlists by adding the song that you want to hear.



10. Free Music:


apps to listen to music offline with Free Music app


There are millions of songs available in this app which you want to listen to the offline music from this app and you can say this is one of the best music without wifi app. This app is the third party to the sound cloud music there the best features.


You can also browse the trending music on this app that you will also find the favorite music within this app. you can also browse the songs by genres and albums which you feel the best to your taste. you can also create your favorite Playlists that you can able to add your best song that even you can find the music within the seconds. browse the songs from the local searches and also from the online.



11. Guevara Music Player:

An excellent application at no cost taking note of music each on-line and while not an online affiliation. Here, songs are going to be found to their style of fans of any genre from pop and electro to hip-hop, rock, and even exotic destinations.


Guvera Music Player screenshot



After passing the free registration, you may get access to the subsequent functions:

  • Listening to countless compositions of foreign artists of the highest quality.
  • Creating a private radio mistreatment hashtags.
  • Playback of ready-made playlists, compiled by skilled music editors of the appliance.
  • Design your playlists with the likelihood of their more causing to friends and simply different users of the appliance.
  • Listening to finished playlists of different users, fashionable brands, music artists, etc.

There is a paid subscription. Purchase of such allows:

  • Disable advertising.
  • To get access to all or any the tracks gift within the info.
  • See the names of the songs within the downloadable playlists.
  • Listen to music offline.



12. Spotify Music:

Spotify is a mobile and desktop applications developed for various platforms. The purposeful includes a customized radio, the power to make your playlist, music recommendations supported user preferences, helpful lists of musical novelties, numerous crack and editorial playlists that modification at an explicit time of day.


Also, in Spotify, there’s AN offline mode and audio quality setting that depends on the speed of the net, integrated additions with music content and also the ability to integrate with the iTunes music player.


Spotify Music Screenshot


Finally, in terms of overall best Music apps Without wifi and type of looking for new music, Spotify has obvious benefits among its competitors.



Apple Music is one of the best music apps that don t need wifi or internet connection to play and Enjoy the Music. This Apple Music Is a very popular app for iOS users which have the great Interfcena easy to navigate to Play and listen to Music. You will find the huge music when it comes to the availability of Music also there are the other best features which you can easily to create music playlists.




So These are some best “Music Apps without wifi 2019”  You can also try the Free music Download apps to get the music songs of the latest albums of your favorite artist just click here. If we talk about the Music without wifi then every smart mobile have their music players which are safe, User-friendly and the most useful features are there in those Inbuilt Music apps.


The Bottom line is that you have to remember is that you should make your music playlist on these apps and download them on the app itself. So that you can enjoy your favorite Music every day without wifi and the internet itself. Now still if you have any doubts regarding music apps just do let me know by the comment section below!



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