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Verizon Tower Update: Mobile Phone Signal Booster for home of Verizon Customers

The Customers of Verizon Wireless are always using their Cell Phone which is always in a working Mode that starts from the chat with friends and also useful in the Discussion about the Business which they Are Running. When there is a Poor Signal on the Verizon you won’t Make a Better Quality call.


So There are the People In a Large Number which they always complaints ABout the Poor Signal Which Leads to call Drop and the Conversation will be not going to be Fine at all which means there will be a miss Match Conversation will be there, So now you have Understood the Problems when there is a Poor Quality Signal. Now the Questions will rise How to Improve Signal Strength for Verizon Customers.


To give a Better Solution I Have Some TIps that can Easily you will be going to Improve your Phone Signal better then what is Actually having Now. Just You need to Follow the Below Tips So that you will be able to Enjoy the Discussion on a Phone call Clearly.


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Improve Signal Strength for Verizon:



verizon tower update



  • The First Thing that you have to Stand in a Better Place like Window of your House or Else you can also go outside of a house where the Signals Comes in the Better Place. The Signals will also not Come while you are driving in between the buildings and the valley.


  • You should also Move away from such Devices like wireless interference, such as microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors and wireless routers. These are the Devices which can Stops the signals by interacting with the signals, which means they have to Emit the signal which comes to the Phone.


  • After moving away from the potential obstructions still, there is no Improvement on reception then you have to try to Switch off your mobile and take out the mobile Battery and Reinsert it again then Turn on the Mobile Now.


  • Also, It’s Very Important to Check the Coverage Area by Using the Verizon Wireless coverage map Tool, This is the Tool which will tell you about the Coverage of the Signals of your state, city or neighbourhood. Just verify with the Map, the White areas are the No Wireless Signals areas, If your Places is also on the WHite area list then it’s better the change the Service Provider or else you have to Change place where there is A Verizon Wireless Coverage.


  • Update PRL on your Phone. You have to turn on the phone and  Enter “*228,” then Send once it Promoted then press 2 On your Mobile. This will boost your phone’s roaming capability and Also always stay to the Verizon Wireless network, won’t get Distracted with the phone calls frequently.


  • Finally, you can also Try to Install the Network Extender from Verizon Wireless offering. You just need to place this Device Near to your Home window that works like a miniature cell phone tower to get the most signal reception. To start using this Device you have to Connect it First for that Just stay 10 Feet away from the device and wait for the connection to connect to the device which shows you the light turn blue. Once you have Connected with the device you can now maintain 40 Feet Distance and start using the Mobile and Enjoy the Good reception.



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