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TracFone Guides: How to Switch Phone Numbers in the Safelink TracFones 2020

As all, we know that The phones which are distributed by the Tracephones are limited to the Family like one phone per family because Safelink is a Government Sponsored programs that Offer the low-income participants with a Free Cell phone and having the free Monthly Minutes.


Now if you have decided to switch your Safelink TracFone number then you just have to Do it by Contacting to the Customer service and talk to the Representative and tell them to Switch unit Safe link Tracfone Number then They will simply Deactivate your current SIM card and also Provides you with the new one without any Problem for sure.


1. Safelink phone number Changing Procedure:



safelink number tracfone



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Transfer Safelink number to another phone:


  • First, You have to Call to 800-867-7183 number and Follow the Prompt to Get in touch with to talk to a Customer representative.
  • Once the call gets Connected then simply tell them that You just wants to Change the Safelink phone number.
  • After telling your query with the Representative as tell him that you just need to save the timing which has given to you while talking on a phone call to deactivate your SIM card.
  • Now you have to Wait until the representative Deactivate your Safelink SIM card that you are Currently Using that prevents you from using your Safelink Phone.
  •  It’s time to Wait for a new Sim Card which comes by the Mail, Once it has reached to you then simply Remove the Old SIM and Insert the New SIM Card that you have got Now.
  • Turn On your Phone and Dial to customer Representative and tell them to transfer your Airtime minutes back to your New SIM phone.
  • While talking with the New Representative mention your queue number which has given by the Previous Representative to access your account and they can easily Fund back to your safe link Account.


2. How to Transfer Tracfone Minutes to Another Tracfone Number:


Tracfone is one of the Biggest providers which no contract cell Phone service in the United States as per their Website. Tracfone has Over 200 millions Customers base which you can do business with Tracfone you will have to comprise a part of its broad customer base. Now when it comes to the Transfer Minutes from one phone to another Tracfone then you will be having a Better Option that you can easily Do through the Internet which means in Online.

Tracfone transfer minutes to another phone:


  • First Visit Tracfone Website and Click on the  “Activate Phone, Add or Buy Air Time”.
  • Now simply Go to the  “Activate/Reactivate Phone” which is located on the top of the Page and click on the Link.
  • you will able to see a link that has the Text “Activate TracFone with a number transferred from another TracFone.” and click on this.
  • Now select a cell phone model that you have and you are using then click on on the Submit.
  • Finally Simply Log on to your to your Tracfone account and verify all the details that you have been entered then simply you will able to click on the Submit once again to finish the transferring the minutes from One Tracfone to another Tracfone



safelink phone number




3. How to Activate a TracFone Online:

Tracfone has the best brands that include Net10, Safe Link. Tracfone is the United States’ largest no-contract cell phone service provider and it has the better and easy way to get the transfer the one phone number to another and also the Prepaid phones and the minute refills card are very much easy and the best way active through the Phone line.


  • First, You have to Go to the Tracfone’s website which is very easy to get into.
  • Now you have to click on the Lick which says “Activate Phone, Add or Buy Airtime.”
  • Goto the “Activate/Reactivate Phone”. it has the drop down Menu and there is will be some options you will able see from the list of Option Just Click on the “Activate/Reactivate Phone”.
  • Select the Option Which you will able to see over there “Tell us how you wish to activate your Tracfone” box.
  • Simply Scroll down to the Bottom and select your phone model and the brand of the Phone then click on on the Submit.
  • Now create A new user account with all the Required information, if you don’t have an Account with it or else if you have an account you can simply Login to your account using the Username and Password.
  • Enter the Phone serial number of your Tracfone number. You will able to find this number on the activation card included with your phone. You will also have an option to enter your Phone Number Nickname if you want to use.
  • Finally, Click on the Submit and Review all the information that you have provided and follow the Prompt to complete the Activation of your Tracfone online.


4. How Does a Tracfone Work:

Now when it comes to the What a Tracfone will work is the term that has been asking from the many people and if you want to ale to check there are some key points that you have to Understand before knowing How Does it Works.


Whenever you want to buy a Tracfone you will simply Able to Goto the retailer and Purchase it from there and you can also able to find it whenever you want in Online by visiting their Website


Purchase and Activate the Tracfone:

The TracFone should be activated before is has Charged. So if you want to active your Phone number you just have to follow the instructions Below. You can also Active the Tracfone on their website where you have purchased the retailer. You must have to Enter your Tracfone serial number to proceed with activation a procedure. It will also take up to the 24hr time and sometimes it Shorter than that for sure. you will receive a PIN Number just you have to save this number which is used for further Assistance such as Making a Phone calls.


Purchase Airtime and Use the Tracfone:

Now its also important to purchase the Airtime minute to receive calls and text messages and keep your Tracfone active for all the time that you just wants to use. At least you have to Purchase the 60 Minutes which automatically extended your account to 3 months.


The call time minutes are usually divided into the Many parts. You have to check all the minutes how many minutes are remaining and also you will have to check it on the Tracfone screen that will be more likely to see easily.

If you check the Chare if the Cal time and Aite time then It goes like the Below. the calls which you made in your Local Area will cost you one minute of airtime per one minute of call time. And the calls which you have made Outside will cost you two minutes of airtime per one minute of call time. The remaining partial Minutes will Rounded up to the Next minute and it goes like all.


How to Set Up Voice Mail:

Finally, you have to enter your Tracfone Number into the Tracfone Website to start to begin with the voicemail activation process. Once you have finished Acivation then you will simply able to Record your ut Going and incoming calls of your Tracfone. These outgoing and incoming messages use your purchased Minutes. So whenever you will track your record you will be able to know the simplest of all these Messages records that all you have done on your Tracfone.



 5. How to Upgrade a TracFone:

Upgrade a TracFone in Online:


  • Fist oy you have to go to the activation page on the TracFone website to upgrade a TracFone.
  • You should keep both Old and New Phones while upgrading the TracFone online.
  • You should select the Ratio button which is beside “Transfer my service and phone number from one TracFone to Another.”
  • Select the model number of the Tracfone from the photos which are listed over there and click on the Submit to proceed for the next Step.
  • Now select the Tracefone that you are using and click on the Submit button which is located on the right side of the Page.
  • Login into your Tracfone Account which is you have already created and if there is no account of yours, then simply you can Click on the  “New Online Customers.” and Create the new Account with all your valid information.
  • Now type all the information about your new Tracfone which is located beneath your TracFone battery. Once you have finished all the Information this procedure will take 3 days to 10 days.


Upgrade a TracFone by Customer Service:


  • The first thing that you have to contact TracFone Customer Support at 1-800-867-7183 and make sure that you have to keep your both old phone and a new phone with you.
  • Also, make sure that you should not call from the New Tracfone because It will be the chance to disconnect your connection that leads to cut your Phone call while talking with the representative, which actually y should not happens.
  • So call from the Old phone to the representative and tell them to Upgrade your Phone from Old phone to new Phone and provide all the Information that requires then basically it takes 3-10 days to complete all the activation procedure for sure.


This is how you can simply able to Upgrade a TracFone. Also, the above two methods will work awesome you can simply choose whichever you like most and which is you feel easy.


6. How to Reset a TracFone:

Reset a TracFone:

  • First, You Just have to Turn on the Tracfone and go to the Settings from the main menu screen, then you will be able to see the options on the drop down Menu.
  • Now click on the Other Settings, now you will see other List of options.
  • Select Initial Setup” and then click on “Master Reset” from the list of options which you will see there.
  • Now it will ask for the Security Code, Enter 1234 and click Ok. this code will helpful for reset your Tracfone whenever you want to do. but Don’t do reset Frequently.


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