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Samsung Gear S4 Release Date: Gear S4 Rumors & Trailer

Samsung Gear S4: The Latest and Upcoming Samsung Gear S4 is the Smartwatch which will be Going to be The Bets in the Amst watches. Is it Going to be Better than Gear S3 in the thinner and Power Efficient? It will be Strips off the Samsung sung Gear s3 Is called Samsung Gear S4.


You are the Person like Me who is Addicted To Many People who are Addicted to the Samsung Gear Series Smartwatches. And Are you waiting for the Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch and you want to Know More About the Gear S4 Features and how it will be Going to Come thenYu are at the Right Place to Know more about the Samsung Gear S4.


Today I will be Going to Tell you the Latest News about the Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch and also you will be able to Know the specs, Features and the Release date and more Information About the Samsung Gear S4.



From the Recent Announcement Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong, president of Samsung Electronics The Upcoming Gadget Samsung Gear Vr3 and the Another Samsung Device and that Device is he talked about the Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch and this Gear s4 Will be the Challenging Next year Because of the Samsung is Launching the Ger S4 in the Market.


This is the smartwatch which comes with the best Feature then Samsung S3 Smartwatch and you can easily expect the more features and as well as more Price also. There are the rumors where you will watching these days on the Internet so I have collected the Best Information and the Roumares about S4 and lusted here Just take a Look below.



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Gear S4 With Edge Screen Display:


Samsung Gear s4


  • Samsung Gear S4 Has Announced last Year October they are Producing the Exynos 7 Dual 7270 and the first mobile application processor for Wirable Product which is will be the List Samsung Gear S4 too on the list.


  • The Processor is the first Class in term of the Performance of the Smartwatch and it is fully Supported by the  LTE modem integration which is the best Feature in Gear S4.


  • Samsung Gear S4 is source added with the Features and implications if the 14nm fin Feet process Sip System-in-Package and ePoP embedded Package-on-Package which will be the outstanding performance and the powerful power efficient.


  • The Last Smartwatch form the Gear S3 is the Smartwatch which is loaded with Best Tech and Specs but the only fallback of the S3 is the Weight and Bulkiness which made to the consumer to little Down.


  • But Samsung is Focusing On the Gear S4 with Super Lightweight with additional Added advantages that van Give a better Compitiatiind to other and Stand s in the Market With on the Tip Place.



samsung gear s4


Samsung Gear S4:


  • Samsung Gear S4 completely comes with Super Smartwatch by this IFA Event. This was the Thought, therefore, many of the consumers and the Experts.


  • But Gear S4 Not At Launched it been late for some Features Development and many other Features has to get into the Take place.


  • In the o0nth of August Samsung Has Announced other Devices in which corporate Gear Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sports.


  • In that case, Many People willThought Samsung Gear S4 also Will be launched at the IFA event 2018, But it’s not happened and its remained as A gossip, but By this Year end Will ay Come into the Market.



Samsung Gear S4 Images:

Samsung Gear S4 Specifications and Features:


  • Samsung Gear S4 will be shipped with Best Processor the Exynos 7 Dual-core 7270 chipset and the Having best Battery Life which is the Top Ost requirement for the Consumers of Gear Smartwatch.


  • Gear S4 also Expected the It’s having a Better Display.


  • Gear s4 mostly will Run on the TizenOS which is Developed by the Samsung.


  • Tizen 3.0 is 64-bit Compatibility which will Support for 4K Ultra HD graphics and Images.


  • Bixby which allows supporting Voce recognition.


Samsung gear s4 Price (expected):


By Just Seeing the Specs and Features of the Samsung Gear s4 it will be around the $350 and it also has the depending on the Any other additional Feature will be added on it and any other will be taken into the consideration. also if we think the in the Features into it there is a Better Processor chipset the Gear s3 and other features will be going to add on this by considering all these it will be more than Gear S3. Finally, by Seeing all the Features and the Specs of the Samsung Gear s4, it will be the $380 and More.



Samsung gear s4 Release Date:


The South Korean manufacturing company revealed the Samsung Gear S3 in the month of August IFA Occasion Late year. It got a huge success and there was some Little problem which is not big such as Weight and size. Likewise, to wany Samsung Geat S4, You may need to Wait for another IFA event which will be in the year 2018.



Samsung Gear S4 Release Rumors:


Until Sasing gear, s4 will release there are the Rumors and Gossips around the Gear S4 and it called Samsung gear rumors. The company Samsung has not yet confirmed when it actually will be going launch but the here the rumours are thee when it coming. But there is a louder sound about the Bixby which will be the best Voice assistance of the Gear S4.


Bixby is a voice assistance which it can range the things such straightforward voice charge, organize photographs in a collection or change the gadgets’ settings. It will be the solution for the Apples Siri and it is also implemented on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and galaxy S8+ which Samsung has released in the last April.



More queries form the User of Samsung Gear smartwatch series:

Samsung Gear S4: what we want to see:


The last start wac=tch form the Samsung is Gear S3 has the best Appearance and r=the Better Performance on the Smartwatch world even it has a stand in the market in second Place. but this time Samsung is planning to Release Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch which will remain on the Top smartwatch by Adding the best Features such as Sporty looks, Better Processer, Battery life And Slimmer and also come s in the affordable price in the consumer point of views o this will behave the chance to be a top Smartwatch.



Samsung Gear S4 – When will the new Gear S smartwatch release date, what are the features?


  • Ths is was expected the Samsung gear S4 will be the Appearance in the Berlin event. but it’s not happened in the vent and Samsung has only launched the updated versions of its fitness trackers.


  • But the Samsung gear s4 will come with the better performance and the better battery life which the best-added advantage to the customers of the Samsung Gear S4.



This is the Latest information about “Samsung Gear S4 Release Date, Gear S4 Rumors & Trailer 2018”  Keep Visiting this Page that we will keep Updating the Latest Information about this Smartwatch.


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