Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet: Can you Get internet through a Satellite dish?

Satellite Internet: Most of the People know DSL and wireless are two most and the best Formats for connecting to the internet and these two are popular as well. but some of the People also try Different options Like Web through a satellite dish, yes now you can also take your internet connection using the A satellite dish connection.


A satellite dish connection is working on the same way which your Dish tv Programs are Working now, and you won’t find any difference in the using internet including the Seed why you compared with the DSL or wireless, Speed and the Limit Deepened the service Provided but not on the A satellite dish connection or DSL.


there are some companies Who are offering the two kinds of services television and Internet service using the one single cable. Now let’s know how to Connect to the Internet Using the satellite dish for satellite internet.


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Satellite Internet:


Satellite Internet



  • First, you have to Contact your satellite provider to know are they Offering the “Satellite Internet” service or not, If yes then you have to Tell them the date and Time to install the Internet satellite.


  • once the satellite technician has installed the hardware then you just have to take the coaxial cable running from the satellite dish and connect to the “In” port which is on the satellite Modem.


  • Now insert the Ethernet Cable on the “Out” port on the Modem and insert the opposite to your computer in the “WAN” port.


  • Turn on your Computer and Cable Modem also Remeber satellite modem is the URL. This is the address which is used to activate the Modem.  Open the Browser that you have on your computer and then you just have to Enter the complete URL.


  • Finally, Check out all the connections and If you are using a Wireless connection then Complete all the setting and Click the Save Button to save all the setting on the Computer after you have entered the URL of a Satellite modem to connect to the Satellite Internet.




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