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Show Me My Alarms- How to Use Alarm Clock on iPhone 2020

There are the People who are getting problems about Show Me my Alarms on iPhones. Today I will be going to tell you the Best guide to Show me My Alarm So that you can get rid of this alarm issues on your iPhone.


So just do follow the Below Guide to get more information and solution for Show Me My alarm on your iPhone. Now you will be going to Learn About Customization About Alarm set and Related about Alarm Clock on your Mobile Phone.


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How to Use the Alarm Clock App On iPhone:

To Start using an Alarm Clock on your iPhone is just pretty simple most of you guys already know about it and if you know more completely about Alarm Clock. First and foremost thing is to learn How to Use it on your phone.


Step 1: First you have to Go to The Settings on your iPhone.


Step 2: Open the Alarm Clock on your iPhone by taping on the Alarm clock icon, located on the iPhone screen.


Step 3: Click on the Plus icon which is located in the Top Right Corner of your iPhone Screen.


Step 4: Now you will able to add an Alarm screen on the Mobile screen.


Step 5: If you want to set an Alarm clock time you just need to set by Dragging your Finger up and Down.


Step 6: Finally Click on the Save Button to Save and Enable an Alarm Clock.


Once you have Successfully Setup an Alarm Clock, and you want to delete it for quickly just you need to swipe to the left on the Alarm clock that you have set on. By swiping to the left you will be able to turn off an Alarm clock and you will find the Red color icon over there which means your alarm clock is just turn off.


Use Alarm Clock With Siri:

By using Siri on your iPhone you will be able to set and edit an Alarm so quickly and it’s very easy Process that you follow the Below Instruction. it Just Simply works awesome most of the Time and Still, you will feel something new feeling When your Tell you the time and also set an alarm for you.


Show me My Alarm


Step 1: Turn On the Siri on your iPhone.


Step 2: Press and Hold the Home Button and say set an Alarm clock. Follow the Steps.


Step 3: Once You have Successfully set an alarm in the morning and Evening that the time that you want to set.


Step 4: Again if you want to delete it the same thing you have to do on Siri by saying alarm clock.


Step 5: Once it Shows alarms click on the Delete.


Step 6: You are Done.


How to Change Alarm Settings on iPhone:



Show me My Alarms



There are two types if volume control o an iOS device like Ringer volume and Media Volume so that you can control media and ringing of the phone call by pressing up and down on the side of the iPhone. You can control the alarm clock volume on the ringer volume ad the media volume button where you are setting up the volume of your iPhone.


Or else just follow this instruction on How to use an alarm sounds on your iPhone.

Step 1: Go to Home Screen by pressing the Home Button.

Step 2: now use the Volume buttons up and Down of your iPhone to increase and decrease the Volume of your iPhone of an alarm clock.

Step 3: Now you will able to see Volume for Alarm when you Pressing volume up and down button.

Step 4: Now you can set the Sound of an Alarm How much you want.

Step 5: If you got any Problem or you won’t able to set it up then follow the below.

Step 6: Open the Settings and click on the sound. you will find the Volume toggle to set an alarm for iPhone.



This is the Guide that helped you on ” Show me My Alarms “.  Now I Hope you have gotten one idea about How to Show me my alarm on your Mobile. For more Further interesting stuff keep visiting the Blog.

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