SMS Tracker- How to Track Text Messages from another Phone

In this article, I will be going to Explain SMS Tracker Guide that explains How to Track Text Messages from another Phone. Most of the People They Think that will this possible to track. in the previous it was but these days there are Many ways to Track SMS and there are Some Softwares which makes to easy to track SMS message so that you will be able to track SMS by this SMS Tracker.


This can be used by many companies to track there Employees that what they are actually doing which means they Use SMS Tracker App to know the Status of the workers, and most of them Parents also They will track their children to know about them that if they are anything doing by the SMS.


When it comes to the SMS Tracker Apps or Software they work in the Background and they will see and observe that how they are doing Text and what they are going to the SMS text on their Mobile Very thing you will be Able to track by Having SMS tracking App on your Mobile Phones either it is Andriod or iPhone.


Now let us Discuss How to track From another Phone on Android and iOS. Which means I will be going to tell you the iOS and Andriod Apps so that your work will become easy to track SMS from other Phone.



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How to Track Text Messages from iPhone


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Here you will be Learn How to Track SMS Messages From iPhone. Just you need to follow the Below Steps so that you will easily learn.


If you want to track SMS messages on your iPhone then you will have the Great Tool called Dr. Fone – iPhone Data Recovery. This Tool is Designed to Get all the Data From the Phone that you want to Trackyou will get Including Massages. When you Eaxct the data From the Mobile you will also be Exact SMS so you will easily able to know About the Person mobile SMS data that you want to track.


Now Let’s See How to Download Fone – iPhone Data Recovery and How to use to get Track Text Message to Track.


Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer to start the Program.


Step 2: Launch the Program that you have installed on your Computer.


Step 3: After Lunch the program you have to Connect the iOS device to Your Computer to start recovering the Data from iPhone.


Step 4: Now you have to Click on the Start Scan to allow Program to start to Scan your ios Device.


Step 5: You have to Wait until the Scan is Completed.


Step 6: Once it completed, it will start showing the data than what is collected on the Next Window.


Step 7: From the list of the Data you have to Select the SMS Messages. 


Step 8: Now Tap On the Recover to Computer So it will be going to save all the Data on your Computer and you can read them later or whenever you want.


Step 9: You are Done.



How to Track Messages from iCloud without the iPhone



When you don’t have an iPhone with you then you will able to track SMS messages by using iCloud. Now Let’s see How to Do in on iCloud.


Step 1: First you have to Run the Program which you have installed on your Computer.


Step 2: Select the Recover from iCloud Backup Files.


Step 3: Now you have to Sign into iCloud.


Step 4: Once you have signed into the iCloud you will able to see the Backup Files.


Step 5: From that list, you have to Choose one File which Contains the Message and Click on the Download to read that message.


Step 6: Now you will SeeOne Popup Window and Select Message that you want to scan for to see the message Offline.


Step 7: Once the Scan is Completed you have to Click on Recover Computer to save the messages on your Computer.


Step 8: You are Done.


How to track text messages from Android


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Now Let’s check How to Track SMS Messages from your Andriod Mobile.


Step 1: Install Dr Fone for Android on your Phone.


Step 2:  Then You have to connect your android phone to your Computer with your USB Cable.


Step 3: After you have connected, the Program will Detect the device then you need to select the file that you want to scan.


Step 4: Now you have click on the Next.


Step 5: Clik on the Start button to analyzing the Device.


Step 6: You have to Choose the Device mode either standard mode or Advanced Mode.


Step 7: Now you have to wait till it Scans the Device.


Step 8: Once you have found the Message that you want to read just click on the Recover to save that message in your device.


Step 9: Now you are Done.


This is the Finish of this guide SMS Tracker- How to Track Text Messages from another Phone  (Android & iPhone) for more information just do let me know by the comment section below.





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