how to upload photos to snapchat

How to upload pictures to Snapchat- Snapchat Upload 2019

How to upload pictures to snapchat: As All, we know Snapchat is one of the most popular Application all over the world and it was released in 2012 as an Android app later on an iOS app was released in June 2013. Today I am going to show you upload pictures to Snapchat.


People Daily 20 million photos are sharing with this application. Snapchat is offering lots of features that allow taking pictures and videos and you can transfer to your friends.


Now When it comes to the How to upload pictures to snapchat, There are most of the People who actually want to know about this because they actually Don’t know the Right Method to Upload, So I have Came with the Best Guide to make your work so easily and the Best method.


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Snapchat upload from Gallery:


upload to snapchat android


But In the Snapchat app there no image upload option from a gallery (android gallery or iOS storage). it has a direct option from the Snapchat to take a picture or video but if anyone wants to unload their best image from their gallery they can’t do it. because Snapchat does not offer the Snapchat upload feature from this app.


how to upload pictures to snapchat


So today, I am going to show you how to upload photos to snap chat. So let’s start


how to upload photos to snapchat


How to Upload a picture from the gallery (Snapchat Upload):


  • Snapchat upload from Gallery:


The Best Option that you can upload your image directly from your gallery is Casper


how to upload photos to snapchat



What is Casper?

Casper is an app that which allows you to save and send snaps (images/Pictures). This app has lots of features like image filters, Emoji integration, stickers and media editors and you can add a caption to your image.




First, you have to Download the app called ”Casper


  • Download the app using the link and open it.


  • After opening the app, you can see the adding button to top up the right


  • It just goes to your gallery


  • Write something on the photo as a Caption


  • That all its so easy to use and the best way to Snapchat Upload.


How to upload videos to Snapchat:


As I showed you above you can do same as the how we did above this question. Casper is also supporting videos upload to Snapchat with some simple steps and it has a nice interface to use easily for the users.


Now you can log in your Snapchat app then check it in your stories. it will appear here.


How to upload Photos to Snapchat story from Camera roll:

As we discussed above that was a third party app to upload the image to Snapchat but if you want to upload the photos of yours into Snapchat story here I will show you the easiest and simple way to do it. you can upload to snap chat android and iPhone.


In Snapchat released time Snapchat does not have the Option called upload picture from the gallery As we discuss above in Andriod and iOS Phone.


But In 2016 Snapchat chat introduced the feature called Memories which allows uploading photos from your Android or iOS mobile gallery to the Snapchat story.


So Let’s start the Snapchat photos upload to the Snapchat story:

First, open the app and click on the camera which is we use commonly to take Pictures within the camera you will find the small button below the camera action button by tapping the button you will access to memories option.


Ten Select the picture that you wants to upload the picture to Snapchat Story. You need to give the permission to Snapchat to Upload the picture.


Send photos And videos From your Snapchat Camera Roll:

AS I said above when you get into the camera roll select the photo or videos and you will see the option on the top right of the screen By tapping the button you can send photos, videos to your friends or you can send to your Snapchat story.


How Upload picture from Camera roll to Snapchat Story Andriod/iPhone:


It’s Simply Similar to Either its android or iPhone. Both are eventually same option that I said above. It might have little interface change but there is no Major Difference in Andriod or iPhone.


But unfortunately, Snapchat does not have the feature that edits the photos or videos it has only some simple option like entering captions, filter and adds emoji. Let’s look Forward to Snachat to come with more better features.



 So these are the ways to upload pictures to snap chats. Now I Hope you have got an Answer to your Query How to upload pictures to Snapchat” If you have any doubts regarding this post please comment below!


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