How to Make My Home Page and www spectrum net Paynow

Spectrum.Net | www spectrum net Paynow: Charter Communications (Now branded as Spectrum) is the service provider which Provides the Internet with High Speed, It’s not only the Internet Service Provider it also provides the cable television and telephone service.


Spectrum Service has Providing the Service for the Peoples Of the 27 states which are nearly 5.5 million customers Which is the great thing to have these Huge Customers. The people who are using the Spectrum need to Make sure that you have to create the Spectrum net Homepage.


Creating the Homepage of Spectrum you will able to Access the Spectrum Email, Local and National News and Also you can access the Weather Reports. Which will help to See the Report Instantly when you Open your Browser each time that you Do.


If you are Associate with Account then this is The Guide is Make you sense Go get an Idea about How to Make As your Browsers Homepage. So that you will be easily able to Acces the Spectrum Email by Single Click.


Now you can Get and easily Create My Home Page that has to get the best shortcuts and the Easy to Navigate the links for your Spectrum services easily. You will easily check the interface if the AOL mail will Just an easy procedure that can Attract anyone.


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How to Make My Home Page:

Step 1: 

  • First, you have to open your Web Browser form your Computer and Select the Tools which is located on the Top Right Menu Bar.


Step 2: 

  • Now, Select the Option to View the Internet Preferences from the Tools and you will Find there Your Homepage Settings, Now You just Need to Delete the Home Page which is already in the Box and Enter  “” on it to make your New Homepage.


Step 3:

  • Click on the OK button to save all Options. Before closing the Browser you should Make sure that the Home page should be So that you can access the Home Page as a Default Home Page for each time you will Open your Browser.


Step 4: 

  • Finally, You can Sign in it Your Account and Make your HomePage as your like, I mean which page that you want to Display such as Weather Report and Any other Specific Region News and So on.


  • After Finishing all Now When you open your Browser you will be able to open the specific page and get the news and all the updates on just one click in front of your Eyes.



This is the Guide for “How to Make My Home Page”. I Hope Now You Got An idea to Make Spectrum.Net As a Home page and this is Very Helpful for You.


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