Sprint switch phones

How to Switch Sprint Phones – The Best and East Way to Switch Sprint Phone

Sprint Switch phones: Have you used your sprint Phone too much and its get Repaired and you are Worrying for How to Switch to Sprint Phones then this is the Guide for you.  The Switching out Phone is Just pretty Much Simple and the Phone that is using you can be saved as a Backup or else you can go for the New one itself.


Sprint Switch Phones:

  • First, You have to Visit Visit Sprint Website then simply Select to the activate your phone online option. You can do Active Online for your Old Phone and for your New Phone as well. By active online, you No need to pay anything for them and also once you have clicked on the Active Online then You need to Enter some details such as mobile number, phone model, ESN code and email address. Once you have submitted all these Details to on the Website you will be activated.


  • Now you have to check for the eligibility that you have any Upgrades for a sprint phone. Even if you are not Eligible also you can switch to the Sprint phone but you will not be going to get any Discounts for sure.







Solution #1:

  • Simply Visit a Mobile Retailer and ask him that you are going to switch to a New phone. Then you can take a Look at the Phones gallery and Pick a Different Sprint phone that you like. Now the Sprint Mobile Retailer will Change your Mobile Number to the New Sprint mobile Number. most of the Times you will also get a Discounts when you have a Spirit phone more than a Year.


Solution #2:


  • You can Go to the Website Sprint website and Browse the Mobiles category for the Mobile until you will get the Mobile that you like most. then Next you have to go to the Sprint’s upgrade program Page, Then simply select the option “Upgrade Online,” and Follow the Further Procedures that you will see on the screen. Once all Completed then the New Mobile will send to you.


Solution #3:

  • The final way is that you have to call Sprint customer service at 888-211-4727 and Tell them that you would like to switch your Sprint mobile phone, and also once they accepted then You also need to tel the what phone that you wants to purchase. Once Everything Done then You will receive the Phone via UPS.



This is How you have to “Sprint switch phones”. If you have any Doubts regarding this Post do Let me know in the comment section Below and Having any Doubts regarding Sprint Phones do let me know in the Comment Section Below.


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