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St George’s Day 2020 | Saint George’s Day | United Kingdom | Bank holiday ?

St George’s Day 2020: St George’s Day is celebrated every year on 23 April (Today 23 rd April 2019) and this is the day People beloved there is believed that the death day for St George. Once it used to be a National Holyday in the England and People used to be celebrated this day but These days when their Traditional day’s people are celebrated much.


But later on, It is not and no more a National Holyday for sure. but till there are the People who celebrate St George’s Day. SO for the People who are knowing to Are banks are Closed today than it actually not Becuase of this is no a Public Holyday.


Who was St George?

St George used to be the soldier in the Roman army at the time of the emperor Diocletian. But Publicly its nor known much about the St George these days. But later on in 303 AD for refusing to renounce his Christian faith he was actually Executed. and as al we know People get in Limelight once they have achieved and Succeed in something and anything that Create new will always make a History.


As per the History says when he has refused to comply with the Roman Emperor’s order he faces a very hard time in the Soldiers hand because the reason he refused the Order. people also want to know why he is the patron saint


  • He was beheaded in 303 AD.
  • He also canonized as a Saint by Pope Gelasius 1 almost 200 years later, in 494 AD.
  • He was chosen as England’s patron Saint in 1350, by King Edward III.

He also Gets names he is one f the Best and Brave Person when he was fighting with the enemies and Gor Popular among the European Knights and military men. He (St George) also the patron Saint of Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, and Genoa.


In Catalonia, Spain, People will simply celebrate like Valentine’s day that Men buys a Flower for women and women will Buy a Book for men. This is how St George day will go on and celebrated by the people.


So while this has not come under the Public Holyday People have to go for their work including the bank People. But after their work also still they enjoy restarting the “St George’s Day 2019” So you can also celebrate this day as you wish.



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