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Talk n Text free App 2019 | The Best Talk to Text Apps for Android and iPhone

Talk n Text free App 2019:

Most of the People love the Talk n text free app to make free calls and send free texts to the people that we love. Because Most people love free things, Likewise these Talk n Text Apps. to makes you easy today I came to tell you something very interesting Talk to Text App. Where you can make calls and send a text from your mobile for free with These Talk n Text Free App 2019.


These are the apps that you will get for Android and iPhone. As all we know for Android apps you can download from the Google Play store and for iPhone, You can download from the iTunes App store. When it comes to Downloading the Apps for Android and iPhones you can easily download then as you do on the daily basic apps downloads like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Other Apps.


Talk n Text:

When I say Talk n text app means you can make calls and even send SMS also from the same app. The apps which I’m going to suggest below these apps are supported to speak and SMS too. This means you can talk and send a text on the same app which is a nice thing that you can do it right.


Most of the Times it actually happens that Whenever We Don’t have a Balance in our Account which means in Service Provider have an Internet Data but Not able to find an SMS sending from your Mobile then these Apps will Take care of those Text messages that you can send it for free of cost.


This will be very useful at such times when you don’t have sufficient credit in your Mobile account and also there are the people who want to try something new without having any issues. In that case, also they will try something new which attracts the users’ attention. Any how Just follow the guide full guide for Talk n Text that to you wil get those apps for free without having much attention on this.


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Talk n Text Free App – Free Talk and Text Apps:

These are the Apps that will be utilized in the Multipurpose you can simply Call and also Send text messages to anyone who can able to make get both services for free. you will also find the premium versions of some apps in this list, if you go for the Paid version then you can also get some additional and advanced features which will be easier and more effective.


1. TextNow – free text + calls:

This talk n text free app is offering Free unlimited calling and unlimited Free SMS to US and Canada phone numbers. This app is also providing to the users that free picture messages, and voice mailing also. the SMS free service is working very fast and it’s nice to send to your friends, family members, and your neighbors.


If we talk about free calls it’s very reliable and nice accuracy while talking on the phone. Unlimited free calling to the two Text Now users. There are some more features like Call Forwarding and Voicemail service and it’s all real-time calling.


You will get all the above features are free without paying anything and this is the best part of this App also you will be going to like the App very much and also If you check the Downloads there are 10,000,000+. So you can understand the use of this app. This Popularity proves how famous this app is this. There are the features which make this app top in this Talk n Text free App



talk n text free app



When It Comes to SMS Service, It’s all Completly Unlimited and Free. You can send the full picture and receives full images from the other Textnow user. While sending the message you can add more additional options like the signature and some special pictures and more.


There are lots of customization available like you can change the tone if the message and ringtone of your TextNow app tone and beautiful background. There are beautiful widgets are also available to make your work short way I mean you can send the SMS fro the home screen from the phone even for the calls also same thing and there is real-time SMS service. So you can try this app and enjoy the Unlimited calling and text App.


talk to text android download

talk to text iphone download




2.  Free Phone Calls, Free Texting:

This app is also one of the best free talk and text App. This app is developed By Dingtone. This app is offering to the users, To Talk, Text, and Share. you can make calls from the app totally free and it gives you a nice experience.


You van Call over the wifi, 3G/4G data and totally free to the two Dingtone Users, For others also its very low calling rates when compares to others. you can calls up to 200 countries with cheap rates and the free call service is pretty good voice clarity. its HD voice to users of ringtone.


free talk and text



Free text SMS to all over international and you can chat with the group up to 100+ people at a time on this app. there are some best features like,  block unwanted calls, call forwarding and Voice Mail Service. The Special thing about this app is The walkie-talkie. it is the service that you can send the voice instantly rather than type a text message. The ringtone is completely free with No Ads. So If you are looking for the talk and text app Ding tone is the best choice for you.


Free Phone Calls, Free Texting android download

Free Phone Calls, Free Texting download iphone



3. Text Free – Free Text + Call:

This free talk and text app are giving to the users to make Free calls, free tex, and free SMS. This app gives you the USA number I mean you can send it to anyone fro the US number. Below is some best feature with this app take a look once.


Unlimited Text/SMS:

Yes, as per the heading you can absolutely send the text to your friends and neighbors. even you can send Multimedia messages too. just you have to select the US number with the code and now you can send the free limitless text to all.



text to talk free app




There is an option also that is what the Group Chatting, yes group chatting is the other best feature that you can do Massages to all your friends at a time which is nice. Text Free is also offering endless Stickers which you can share with your friends while chatting.


Free And Unlimited Calling: 

This app is also offering Free calling to app users. free means the incoming calls are only free but you need to pay a few bucks. Even It supports in Mexico too. Finally, this app is good for use for Talk to Text.



talk to text on android

talk to text on iphone



4.  Nextplus Free SMS Text + Calls:

This app is providing all the features that a mobile phone has. This app is completely free when we talked about the calls and messages. It has multiple features that you can see on the Nextplus everything that you will get is for free.


All the Massages and calls are totally free no need to pay a single penny. If we want to make a call from the mobile phone then we have to pay something right but if you install this app everything will become free.


free talk and text



You no need to purchase anything, even more, there are no hidden charges for this app. and it’s very helpful to use this app instead of using the mobile phone for calls. Full Android Experience. Just try this app once. You will be having the many features as you have seen in the above and the best part of this Free talk n Text free app is you can easily make unlimited free calls and text.




text n talk android download

text n talk iphone download



5. TalkU Free Calls +Free Texting:

This is another talk n text app to use the free calls and Text messages and the calls are unlimited to people who are using this TalkU free Calls. You can get most of the Advantages that you like to have and also makes free calls with Group Calling for sure.


talk n text free app


You can make calls and send messages worldwide and there is no roaming cost. The quality of the calls is Hd means it’s nice while talking on the mobile phone. you can make calls over 200 countries. you can use this app like in many ways like use devices like a walkie-talkie, Group chat, Record the voice while speaking on the phone calls.


talk n text free app android

talk n text free app iphone



6. IMO:

This is another Best Simply App that you can send free text messages and that too you can send messages instantly that has the best Option to Send and Receive the messages to your friends and family members. you can also see there are the Easy navigation and best interface for this app that can do awesome work for everywhere. You can also send emoticons, photos, videos, and voice messages for free. also there the features include group chats, push notifications, and voice calling, which Android and iOS.



These are some apps Which Provide Free Text and Calls to the app to the users and Definitely they will satisfy the users that they can Expect to form these Apps for sure. Now you will be happy with these Talk n Text free App”.  If you have any doubts regarding the app installation and any apps related problem please let me know by the comment section below.

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