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How to Send a Text Message From Your Email to a Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile Phone for Free

Verizon Email to text: Most of the places and Even Most of the Times you won’t find the people who do not use cell phones because These Days every one has a Phones on their Hands and surprised The The People Who are not Educated also Using a cell phone So then You can understand How Potential a mobile phone has.


And still, if you didn’t have a cell phone or you are not interested to use happens very rare case, and Even if oy have it and wants to send it from Email to Text then this is the Guide for you only. Mos of the People is asking me that How we can send a text message to the network such as  AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile carrier from the Email. so Here is the Guide for you all.


This procedure is called Gateway which means it is A text or An Email which can transfer the forth between to the Two Networks. The best part of this is that you can Simply Reply to an Email via SMS from your Mobile itself. isn’t it Interesting?


Let’s take an Example you are Sending a Text message from your Email then you will Simply send it then the requirement of the Replay from the recipient is also important. then what is the Point and How they can replay for your message/ then the Anser is you can also send it from their mobile using the SMS.


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Send a Free Text Message to a Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile Phone From Your Email:


  • First, You have to Open your Email that you have an Account with on your Computer or Mobile.


  • Now click on a Send Mail or Create Email.


  • Once its Opens Enter the 10 Digit Mobile Number in the “To” field or some email has as “Recipients” its Depend on the Different email service Providers.


  • Now its time to Add the SMS gateway address after the Mobile number that you have entered on the “To” or “Recipients Feild”. The SMS Gateway Extention will be like  AT&T uses “,” Verizon uses “” and T-Mobile uses “”. Now for Example, if You are sending on an AT&T wireless customer then the Adress will be Like “[email protected]


  • Now Enter your Massage on the Compose box. Remeber the SMS Linit is only 160 Characters, IF you entered Above then it will be Divided into the Multiple Parts which will be not reached correctly.



verizon email to text


How to Email to Verizon Text:

Like we have discussed above SMS is the vast Communication for the People who are not familiar with Calling and talk to the Person. You can simply Send a text Message from one Phone to another phone with wireless and it been from the Log ago. Most of the People also known about this that they can easily send a Text message from one phone to another that will be the most Knowing thing all we know. But If you don’t have a phone it doesn’t mean that you cannot send a text message. Still, you can simply Send a message when you don’t even have a Mobile Phone.


You can easily Send A text message from your Verizon Email service which is one of the very easiest parts for the people who wants to send a text message from the Computer or Mobile using your Email.


 Verizon Email to Text:

  • First, you have to Login to your Account and also make sure that you have a valid Email id to Send an Email to Verizon phone as a text.


  • Now Click on the Compose to create a New email. then in the “To” Field, you have to Enter the Mobile number with an Extension “ you want to Send a Text Message. For example, If the Number is 555-222-4567 then you have to send your email [email protected]


  • Now Enter the Message that you want to a Person in the Compose area then Click on send button after you have done with your Writing. Also, you must remember that the message limit is not exceeded more than 160 Characters.




This is How you can “Send a Text Message From Your Email to a Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile Phone for Free” and also “Verizon Email to text” I Hope that you have Learned How to and If your Friends also Waiting for these Kinds of Guide then Do share. And If You Have Any Doubts Regarding this Comment below to let us Know. we will always help our readers to Get it Done with their Problems.



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