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Top 5 Volume Booster Apps for Android to Increase Volume

Hello Guys, By seeing the Title you might have Got an Idea that what Today We are going to Discuss. Yes, I will Be going to tell You How to Increase Your Volume By Using Volume Booster for Android Mobile.


Whenever I Listen to the Music I feel that Now I Need to Increase My Volume that too listing my Favorite Song.  think you might have also Face this thing like Me and I feel this is what Most of the People will think and also they usually try to increase the Volume what Actually not have on your mobile.


So in these cases what you will Do? So I really Found the Best Solution to increase Volume by Using some Third Party Apps which will Help to Boost Your Volume to have More Fun.



What is Volume Booster:

Volume Booster is nothing But which helps to increase your Volume what actually the Device has. In this Case, We are Talking about the Android Mobiles so Here Android Apps will Take Place.


There are Some best Volume Boosters for Android are there on the Market which really helps to Controls of the Volume of your Mobile Device. It may Not take Controls Equalizer on your Android but Definitely, they Will Boost your Volume for Sure that Too Using the Best Apps.

So to make your effort easy I have Listed the Best Volume booster Apps which will Help to Find the Right Apps in a Short period of Time.


Volume Boosters really Works?

Yes, Definitely they Will Work for sure But you have to remember these apps will only Take controls over the Volume what your device Offers. but They may Not works as Additional Equalizer on your Device. Which means When you listening to the Music on your mobile and trying to increase and decreasing the Volume of your device using these apps then you will feel these are really working great but They May not work what the Volume has.



Is Worthy to Use these Volume boosters?


Actually, there are many Volume Booster Apps for Android on the Google Play store but All of them will not works. So I really tested those apps and Listed the Best Apps from That Huge list. These are only some apps which they stand on their names.


If you go to The Google Play store and Try to Find the Volume Booster you will Find the Big List of apps which actually won’t Work Most of the Time.


Now I have Listed the Best Volume Booster which I feel really Working feel great For me and also works for you as well.


1. Volume Booster GOODEV:


This is one if the best Volume Booster App that I have Find after tasted from the Play store. It actually stands for what this app Promises on its Highlights of this App. So that the reason I Have listed this App at the Top of this List.



Volume Booster GOODEV screen shot




  • The first thing about this apps is its really Boost Your Volume For Sure, Because there are apps are there which they cant even Works.
  • You will Also Find the Best User interface Having the 1-100% Volume Booster within the App itself.
  • It also Appears on the Notification Which you can simply control From there.
  • If you don’t want this app of the Notification Panel then you will also have an option to remove From there.
  • If you want Disable this app then You have to simply Decrease Volume to 0%.
  • Volume Booster GOODEV is a Lightweight app which having small in Size that will not effect on other apps for Speed.


 Download it From Google Play store



2. Volume Booster Pro:


Volume Booster Pro will come on the second list because of its works on Listening to the Music and also works while watching the Videos. You can also use this app When setting the ringtone and alarm itself.


 Volume Booster Pro screen shot



  • It Has the Best User Interface having the Separate Volume Buttons for Music and Alarm Volume.
  • To increase And Decrease the Volume Button you have to Swipe up and Down by simply Drage on it.
  • You will be able to its Directs connects your Music library which you can take Control over Volume.
  • It Can Restrict your Volume up at once to protect you from the hearing problems.


Download from Google Play Store


3. Sound Booster Lite:

This is another Best Volume booster app which you can Get it From the Play store. You can Simply Increase Volume up to 100% which is a Nice thing. also, It has got the Good User Rating and it is Also trustworthy of that Rating.


Sound Booster Lite app



  • You will find there are many Advantages once you have started using this app on your Mobile.
  • The best part of this app is the User Interface with Single Tap To mute the Sound and also you increase the volume up and down by Simply Sliding your Finger.
  • This app has the Buttons on the Notification bar which you can simply turn on And turn Off the App form the Notification Panel.
  • You can also use this app to increase the Volume when you connect the external Speakers as well.
  • Finally, it has a Great Design which looks Awesome to the Users.


Download From Google Play store



4. Easy Volume Booster:


This is another Best Volume Booster app which I have found on Google Play store. The interface of this app is awesome with easy Navigation which you can understand all the volume controls by simply look at them once. There are the apps who really cant Increase the Volume but when it comes to Easy Volume Booster you will feel all the Volume controls within this app.


volume booster



  • You will see there are the Different Individual buttons For Music Booster, Call Volume and Alarm. So that you Can Manage all the Volume for Particular part of your Mobile.
  • The easy Manage Interface is another Interesting thing about this app so that you can Use this app without knowing the Much Technical Knowledge.
  • You can Change the Volume (Increase and Decrease) By Simply Sliding the Menu.
  • Definitely, you will feel Easy while Using this App.


Download From Google PlayStore


5. Speaker Booster:

Speaker Booster is another Best App which you can Simply use on your Mobile. Want you to boost your Volume with Simple navigation then simply You have to go with This app without thinking any other Second option. You can Simply Raise the Volume Up to 60% of your Device volume and which is I feel is a Good enough to Raise the Volume.


volume booster App


  • This App is Simply Work Awesome by Having the Best Interface which you Can Easily navigate.
  • Speaker Booster will work great which You have to Increase the Volume by simply pressing the + Button.
  • When you increase the Volume This app Always Shows the Warning message which is Very Nice to Listen to Pleasant Music.
  • It’s not Very Heavyweight So that it cant Damage You other Apps and your Mobile.


Download From Google Play Store



These are Some Best Volume Booster” Apps which you can simply Install on your Android. If you have any doubts Regarding this Post Just Do let Know by the comment Section below.


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