AOL Mailbox Size Limit

What is AOL Mailbox Size Limit – 2020 Guide

AOL Mail Size Limit: AOL or America Online proving to their Customers to send and Receive Free messages which have also Grete service. Once you have created an AOL account then you can use that Email through the AOL website or else you can send and receive emails using the second-party application, like Microsft Outlook.


Now When we talk about the AOL Mail Size Limit then you have also know that Whenever you send Mail it saved on the Folder Sent and like there are also folders like Drafts and inbox. For exact Size of Limit of the AOL Mail Box then Keep Reading this Guide you will be known in the Below of the Article also Before knowing it lets talk something Important point about AOL.


About AOL Email Storage Size Limit:

You can simply Signup AOL Mail by going to the Website of AOL Mail and you will find there AOL Mail Option. Just Click on that then you will be able to Access the mail from there to Get int the AOL  Mail. When we are talking about the AOL mail Storage the inbox also one of the main Folder that stories lots of Mails and Occupies the Storage.


Actually, there are two Types of Mails boxes available one which looks like Old Method and there is also New One that looks pretty new and awesome looks for these new messages. The Original Mailbox Generally displays the inbox Mails.



AOL Mailbox Size Limit



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AOL Mailbox Size Limits till Now:

The AOL Mailbox Size is Completly Depend on the Style of your Mail Box has and it can Hold the Mail based on it. In the Unified Box, The Amount of Email will save on the Inbox and Sent folder Until you will delete them. But in the Original Style of Mailbox, a New folder can Hold up to 1000 Message and the Old Mail folder can Hold the messages Up to 4000. And the best part is that in those both system you can also create the Folders to save the messages and it can Hold the  5000 messages for sure.


So now if you see there are the Old type and new types of Folders and there Size Limit when it old Box it ha more Holding Size there when you compared with the New one. Likewise, now you can Check also for the Size for File Limits.


AOL Mail File Size Limits:

Now when it comes to the Individual Message that you can send is that 25 MB including the Attachments and that text you send WIth images and all. If the FIle Size more then 25 MB you cannot send it on AOL Mail. So make sure Whenever you will send a Message that having the Size Above 25 MB then try to Send it on Some other way like Gmail they have recently Increased the limit To 50 MB of File Size.



I Hope you have Learned About AOL Mailbox size limit” on this Guide. Still, If you have any Doubts on AOL do Let me know by the Comment in the Comment Box Below.


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