What Is the NTUSER.DAT File on Windows?

The Windows Operating System Is Have the Multiple Users right. So each User has Profiles On the Windows, Like Wise, Every User Profile Has The NTUSER.DAT file. The every user on the windows have separate setting Preference and the different setting from others users. so every individual user has this file on their Profile.


If we take an Example A user has the all the separate Folders with the same name like Documents Folder, Images, Custom Settings and Separate History.


Likewise, All the users have their own custom settings And all they have This NTUSER. DAT File too. Now Let’s see What is the File and What Is its Functions and Much more.



NTUSER.DAT File Function:


Basically, NTUSER.DAT is a registry file which Contains User Settings. This applies for all the individual users.  I mean every user will have this own setting.


This file is specified by the Microsoft as a central hierarchical database which contains the software, Hardware and the Users Profiles On your Windows computer. the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”  is the branch of this file Which takes the all the Support of the NTUSER.DAT File. In One Word Its a file that every individual user have with their personal settings.


This File Is Located o the User Folder In all the Windows Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Vista. you can find the folder in the C:\Users\USER_NAME.


Basically, you will not able to see this folder because of it is a Hidden Folder which you can’t see unless you change the options to show the hidden Folders.


How to Find the NTUSER.DAT FILE on Windows Operating System:


When you go to the User Folder you will not able to see this folder to see this folder just follow the below instructions.

  • First, you have to open the Windows Explorer on your Computer
  • Then Go to the User Folder to find the NTUSER.DAT File.
  • Next Click on the ribbon bar to show the options.
  • Then choose Change Folder and Search Options.
  • Now click on the view Tab in the folder option Window.
  • Then Simply select Show Hidden Folders to view all the hidden folders.


What Happens If I delete the NTUSER.DAT File:


If you delete the Ntuser.dat file The user preference setting will be going to corrupt. Because it is a Windows system file that the reason windows kept this file secure protection from the accidental delete. Only the Administration can delete the file by entering into administration level where the Ntuser.dat file has.



As I said above Ntuser.dat is a log file which is I the text format. if any error occurs on the file windows will correct it by using the Ntuser.dat.log. there are some files with the different extensions. there a file with the extension of .ini. which means ntuser.ini.


which help to create a roaming profile which will be going to use on the user not get copied from the other server. There is another file with Ntuser.man, this will be the user preference which means whenever the user do on the windows when he logged off the date will not going to be saved.


I hope you got the knowledge about the NTUSR.DAT file. If you have any doubts regarding this post do let me know by the comment section below.


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