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Voice Over IP- Whats is Voice Over IP (VOIP)

What Is VoIP?

VoIP Is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Voice over IP turns your phone call to internet calls.

Which means You can make calls via the internet to any country over the world. Simply to make long calls by your high-speed internet and there are some software’s available to make free calls also.

Essentially, They charge some money for calls and there are some countries to make free calls too


Voice Over IP Types:

There are few different types of voice over IP. The list of below are some types of voice over IP.

1. ATA

Analog Telephone Adaptor is the additional adaptor that which convert your phone call data to computer data.

Just connect the adapter to your computer by cable and sometimes it may require additional software’s to run on your computer. Now you’re ready to make voice calls.


2. IP Phones:

This IP phones just like our normal phone But it attaches linked with the Router It requires Hardware and software to make calls. you can call via wi-fi hotspot.


3. Computer- computer:

This is the easiest way to make VoIP calls to all over the world and this is the perfect way to make calls. There are some Companies who offering free software to make calls just you download the software and you will ger 5 min free call time.

You just require the sound card, Microphone, and speaker.

For this, you must require speed internet connection like cable or DSL connection.

You can test it how it’s working with given free calls minutes, and then you may get very small charge for calls.


VOIP phone business


Check the Call Rates Here.


Most VoIP Companies offering minutes plans like the $30per month to $79 for unlimited. it’s just like our phone bills and it quite better than phone calls which are use for your business.

In his plan, there are several features also available like

  • Call forwarding
  • caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Return call
  • Conference call  etc
  • send call direct to voice mail
  • Give caller busy signal etc.

These are some pretty good features that available to make the call by VOIP.


  • voice over IP phone for you to develop your business;

VOIP Phone is the best way to connect to all people about your business related works. if you use a normal phone you may get overcharged when you compared with VoIP call

when we compare VoIP phone call to traditional phone calls the VOIP is offering up to 80% off the best thing about VoIP is make a conference calls with low cost.

In this scenario some companies giving best offers for few countries which give benefit to your business which means it saves lots of money by calls charges.

If you have a small business just you can easily set a VIOP Phone for your business


voice over ip

Advantages of Voice over IP:

As I mentioned above when it compared to traditional phone voice over IP is much more benefits to your small business.

  1. The main and Biggest advantage of VOIP phone is Low call cost.
  2. Easy to install and configure and maintain
  3. Complete employee data will available whenever they want.
  4. Conference and even fax technology supported
  5. It saves Money off your small business
  6. Increased your business productivity
  7. No Geographical boundary


Disadvantages of voice over IP phones Business:

When it comes to disadvantages of VoIP phone calls is the power main drawback is power outage it won’t work without a power connection.

Another drawback is no emergency calls like 911.

Voice quality becomes low and Late for sometimes Readability also not satisfaction.

  1. No service when the power outage
  2. Emergency calls
  3. Voice quality
  4. readability


Some Top VOIP phone Business Providers who offering Greate offers.


BUY Cisco

voice over ip


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