What Song is this? 10 Best Song Identifier App’s for Android and iOS

When you are listening to the music you will face the situation like you like the song so much but you could not find the name of the song. Then what you do basically, You go to the google and search for the “what is the name of this song” or What song is this Right?


To make your way to short I mean I will be going to tell you the easy way to find the song. now you no need to worry what song is this. The below that I will tell you the best music recognize mobile App and Web Apps.


What song is This?


1. Google Now:

  • Google now is the best way to find the song. if you are an Android mobile user then you need to open the google now and click on the audio and just say “what song is this“,  “ what is this song“, or “what is the name of this song
  • Now, Google will listen for some time and it will show you the results that you want.



What song is this?




Download – Google Now



2. Siri:

  • Siri is the best option for who using Apple devices. this app can recognize or identify the music surely because Siri has other third party apps within this.


  • while you listening to the song just open the Siri and just say to it “what song I’m listening now“, “recognize the song“, “find this music “, “which song is this“.


  • Then Siri will tell you the song of the album and name of the song and its complete details and also it will show some relevant song also.if you like the song you can listen to them too by tapping on the particular song.


What song is this?

Download – Siri



3. Cortana:

  • The people who are using windows phone or PC this application will help you to find the song.  Cortana is already an inbuilt application on the device. you can recognize the music with Cortana is very easy.


  • Simple you just ask for Cortana What is this song, what song is playing, or what is the name of this song. it will show you the results and details of that sound on your device.



What song is this?



Download – Cortana for Android

Download – Cortana for iOS



Identify the song by the Mobile Apps:

What song is This?

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1. Shazam:

  • Shazam is the best app to recognize the music around you. As I said above the web apps those may support on some particular devices but this app can support all the mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows phone)and it is very clever when identifying the song.



whats this song



  • You just Install the app on your device and hold your mobile towards the music and hit the tag button and wait for a while it will show you the details of the song.


  • It works on pre-recorded music and you will get the best results of the song. this can be the best app that you can use for a long time. now you no need to worry about what song is this.


Download Shazam for Android

Download Shazam for iOS


2. TrackID:

  • TrackID Is another Music Identify app. just you can install the app and start using this app it can tell you the music that you are listening right now. This app is available in over 60 languages. This app is also providing to watch videos, and top music tracks to listen to the music.



what song is this




  • There are 3 tabs on this app History, Discover, and Live. these three tabs have 3 different features like the history will show you the song that you usually play and discover and live both are similar but the live option is deeper search the live music around you now.
  • when it shows the results you can download the music or you can play the music at the time.


Download TrackID for Android



3. SoundHound Music Search:

  • SoundHound is also another nice app that comes with song recognition. this app is working perfectly while identifying the song.


  • This app starts works once you installed on tour device and speak “ok hound … what’s that song” or what is the song name? the inbuilt music player gives you awesome experience to you while the playing the music.


what is this song



  • The best part of this app is it can find the song by the humming. yes if you didn’t remember the song perfectly just hum the song then it will show you the exact results.


  • Single tap button will show you the complete results of the song like song name, lyrics, Artist name, and Album.


Download SoundHound For Andriod

Download SoundHound For iOS


4. Genius:

  • This app also has music finder feature. you need to install the app on your mobile and then you have to open the app after open the app you will see there are a bunch of songs are listed over there you have to select the song and just tap on it, you will see the completed info of the song.



What song is this?



  • There is the best shortcut option is also there to find the music but this app does not have the option to save to searched song on like shazaam, track Id etc.


  • If you want to download the song that you find in the search results then you have to download the above apps.


Download Genius for Andriod

Download Genius For iOS


5. Musixmatch Lyrics:

  • Musixmatch Lyrics is the app that has millions of songs available. you can enjoy the lyrics from these Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, iTube music.


  • This app has all music identity feature.you will see the results of complete details about the song. there all many more launches which can show the lyrics on your mobile with your language and if you search the music the results will appear will all the music details.


What song is this?



Download Musixmatch for Android

Download Musixmatech for iOS


6. Audio Tag:

  • If you have a Small bit of the song but don’t know the full song. So this website is for you. Just upload the song onto this website and just see the miracle.


  • Yes, This site will identify the song and gives to you the full song for you. once you upload the data within seconds it shows show which song is this and who is the artist of the song and many more details about the song. just go to this website and check it once.


What song is this?


Find the Your Song By Audio Tag


7. Midomi:

  • Midomi is a Great website that identifies the music online with just humming. if you remember music line but not song name then you just need to hum the song on this website.


  • It will show you the song. lots of time we sit in the restaurants and some best stop center that time we will listen to the music by the time to home we actually forget the music that time.


  • If we Remeber some line in that some then you can open the website and you just hum the song starts it the song will appear I front of you- then you can download or you just listen to the song online best thing is you have to download the song for future requirements.



What song is this?



Find Your song by Midomi



So, friends, Those Are Some best ways to find the music and also you might get your answer to What Song is this” f like the post Do share with your friend and if you find any problem while installing and download the apps please let me know by the comment section below.


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