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Cant Download Apps on iPhone – Best Solutions in 2019

There are lots of Apple iPhone users are worrying about this problem ” Cant download apps on iPhone “ Which means they are not able to download the apps on their iPhone.  If we talk about an application which is available in App store.


There are millions of apps available on it. But the peoples are having this issues about downloading the apps and even they are not able to update the previous app which they already installed on their iPhone and They always Giving the Complaint that cant download apps on iPhone.


If you are not able to download the apps on App store it’s not a problem about the store it completely issues with your Apple iPhone Device.


So to solve this issues within minutes following the instructions below to get rid of app downloads issue. By Following the Guide Below You will able to Identify the What is the Exact Problem and Also you will Fi that Issue quickly.


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How to fix the issues that you Cant download apps on iPhone:


cant download apps iphone



Check The Internet connection: 

 Yes, this will happens lots of time on your phone, if there is no internet on your iPhone then you cant download apps on iPhone So you need to check the internet connection on your device.


iphone 6 cant download apps


Let’s see how to check the internet connection and how to fix it.

  • First, you have to go Settings > Cellular > check the internet connection is Turned on or not. If it is Turn off just you should Turn On by Tap on it.
  • Likewise even you have to check the WiFi connection as well. Because if you are using the internet connection by WiFi then you need to check the internet connection. For that, you should follow the below steps.
  • Go to Settings > WiFi > check the WiFi is Turned on or not.


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 If your apps do not update or can’t download the internet connection should be turned on and should be the good internet connection. If you are getting poor internet then also it may chance to stuck your apps download.



So please check the internet and wifi frequently if there is any problem in that so make sure you need to Turn off and Turn on the connection for reset. Even if not solve the issues then restart your iPhone.



Check your Device in Airplane Mode: 


If the device is in Airplane mode then everything will turn off including your Internet connection, if there is no internet connection then you can’t download the apps. So you need to check is your device in Airplane mode.


How to check:  Just go to Settings > Airplane Mode > check either it is off or on. If it is on then you have to turn on it to start to download the apps from app store.


But everything is fine them also you should try to turn on and off it. Because if anything stuck, will be reset to default. It sounds crazy but doesn’t negate try. Just give a try once.



iphone 7 cant download apps



Check your Date and Time:  

Sometimes if you not set automatically then just make it work on automatically by the following the steps below.


Go to Settings > General > Date & Time> Just check it if it is set to automatically or not. If not then Turn on to automatically. 


By doing this iPhone will recognize this phone is running at present time. Then you will not get anything of internet connection issues.


Sign out & sign in with iPhone: 

This can also work for lots of times even once I did it I got the solution to my problem. So give a try by following the below.

Settings > iTunes & App Store >  Tap on Apple ID then clock on Sign out. Now you have to Sign in again by doing the Same. Make some free space on your iPhone/iPad devices:


As all know if the storage is full how can we download more apps? So make sure if your device is full of storage then free up some space to allow for new apps to download.


Free up in the sense you can delete some unused app, any music,  photos, videos, and documents files. This can be also the reason that you can download the apps on your iPhones.


To delete any apps then you need to hold them on your home screen until it jiggles it then tap on ‘X’  then tap on delete. Now it will be deleted.


Likewise, if you want to delete any music files and videos then you need to select that videos and see the option and click on delete.


Restart your Apple iPhone Device: 

By restarting your iPhone you can download the apps on your phone. If it works for you so do try to restart your iPhone. By holding the Sleep/ wake-up button on the top right of your iPhone.


If you hold this button for a while you will see on your iPhone screen that Side to Powe off. Just do it.


Then after some time, you have to turn on it by pressing the same key until the iPhone login appears.


why cant i download apps on my iphone


Update the software if it available: 

If there any problem with your old version of iOS is also the reason that you will not download the apps on iPhone. So please check once if there any New version of iOS then you have to update it to download the apps on iPhone.



How to update iOS latest software: 

Please check, while you are doing software update the mobile battery should full of charge.

  • First, connect your internet to iPhone through the WiFi.
  • Go to Settings and tap on Software Update.
  • Now you will find the software copy if it’s available.
  • Now click on to download it and install it on your iPhone


Reset all the settings: 

This is the last thing that you can try on iPhone for the problem can’t download the apps on iPhone.

By doing this the evening on your iPhone will be going to reset and this will be the nice option too after trying all the above steps.


Go to settings > Reset > Reset all settings. Now enter your passcode and tap on to reset all settings then confirm to Reset The settings.


Remember by doing Reset all setting your apps and data will not going to delete just settings will be reset. Thay automatically the Problem cant download apps on iPhone will Be Solved Easily.



So these are the Topmost solutions for ” Cant download apps on iPhone “. I hope these will helps you. Please let me know which worked for you. Even it won’t work also do let me know when I I can try to give some other solutions.


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