iPhone and Android wont stay connected to wifi – Try this Fix 2019

There are Most of the people who actually Worrying about this Wifi Stay Connected Problem on their mobile Android and iPhone. Even I was Getting this error wifi doesn’t stay connected in my back in the days also some People are facing this issues and keep searching for why won’t my phone stay connected to wifi On their Android and iPhone won’t connect to wifi Error.


The Reason Behind this Error is that there are settings problems for the phone won’t connect to wifi on your Mobile which is not in the Right Format for Sure. So if you want to get rid of this Then simply Follow the Guide below to Get the Simple and Best Solution for You.


How to fix Android won’t stay connected to wifi on Android.

The People who actually facing this issues they always ask why won’t my phone stay connected to wifi and really phone won’t stay connected to wifi Then Follow the Settings Below.


Procedure to Make your Android Phone Stay Connected to Wifi:


Step 1: First Go to Settings.

iphone wont stay connected to wifi

Step 2: Click on the WLAN tab.


why wont my iphone stay connected to wifi


Step 3: Now simply Select the Advanced Button.by following the Procedure below.


why wont my phone stay connected to wifi


Step 4:  Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi-Fi settings > Menu button again > Advanced.

Step 5: Select Keep wifi On during the Sleep Mode.


iPhone won't connect to wifi


Step 6: Now it shows one Pop Up message, You just need to select the Never to make it Done.

Also If there is Proxy Settings Setup you need to Delete it by Select Proxy and Delete. If You click on the Proxy IP Address and Domain and simply click on the Delete.


Check Out all the Checking points:

  • First, you Check your network connection:

First, You need to check the Network connection is it is right Setup and make it sure that is On or Off.

  • And also check Check your password(correct or not)


Also, You need to check the Passwords that you have entered correct or nor. If these reasons might be small but if your not setup in aright way you are not going to succeed the work for sure.


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What to do When your iPhone won’t Connect to Wifi.

When it shows this Error iPhone won’t stay connected to wifi on your iPhone 6, 7, 8, 8+, and iPhone X. There are some settings you just need to do on your iPhone to Get out from this Problem.


So Just check out the below Settings to get rid of the iPhone not connecting to wifi issue.


Restart your iPhone:

Simply Click and Hold the Power which is located on your iPhone until it shows the options slide to power off. Now simply Drag the slider to Power Off.


Airplane Mode off:

Do make sure that you need to make sure that your airplane Mode off so that you can simply able to do all other activities on your mobile including this as well.


Reset iPhone:

To reset your iPhone you just need to Hold the Sleep/ Wake Button and Home button simultaneously until you will able to see the Apple Logo.


Update iOS Software:

You need to Check out the is there any Latest Software update on your iPhone if there a new update is there simply download it and update.


Reset All Settings:

Finally, If the above methods Won’t work just go wi the Reset all the settings but you need to Remember all your data settings will be reset but you won’t lose your data, just app settings will be reset.



This is the Complete Guide to iPhone and Android won’t stay connected to wifi”. If you like this Guide Do share this Guide with your friends and Comment below.


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